Every dog, owner, and situation is unique. All Smart Pets is ready to help you, whether it’s basic obedience training, achieving specific training goals, or changing a behavior in order to live happily and safely with your dog.

Additionally, studies show that people learn up to five times faster and more thoroughly with a private trainer. You get the benefit of one-on-one attention, with detailed instructions, non-judgmental support, accountability, and motivation. After all, we’re in this with you.

Take a look at our services, and get in touch to schedule your next session. We’re ready to help!

In-Home Training

Since COVID-19, our work environments and the culture have changed drastically. Beginning in 2018, All Smart Pets introduced virtual consults and lessons, and it’s allowed us to help more families and dogs, while remaining safe. At this time, we are focussing on developing more supportive virtual options for our clients.

Occasionally, and within the context of virtual training, meeting in person can be helpful. We’ll discuss the appropriate skills and timing of any in-person training.

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Virtual Consults and Lessons

With virtual consults and lessons, we meet, plan, train, and follow up using Zoom.

Some behavior issues are best addressed virtually. Meeting online means your dog won’t be stressed with someone new coming into their space. A relaxed dog is ready to learn!

It’s also perfect for social distancing. There is no need to forego dog training when you are self-quarantining. In fact, spending more time at home with your dog makes it a perfect time to train. Because of the health concerns surrounding COVID-19, All Smart Pets Training is focusing on virtual training.

Training Packages

Whether you need a quick refresher or a long-term plan, we’ve got packages to fit your needs.

Board and Train

Sometimes it’s simply not possible to do the training yourself. In certain situations, a trainer’s professional touch will get behaviors started and establish a good foundation for you to take over. A Board and Train package requires a minimum 4-week commitment. Depending on the situation and distance, your dog may be able to come home for weekends! You’ll receive training on what your dog has learned while at our trainer’s home, and how to keep up those new behaviors. Aggressive behaviors are not appropriate for board and train packages. Pease contact us to discuss options.