Our philosophy is right in our name: all pets are intelligent and empathetic creatures who are capable of learning. What they learn and how is up to their humans.

As humans, we are the caretakers and guardians of our pets, and it’s up to us to teach dogs how to be well-behaved family members. Whether they’re curled up on the sofa, herding livestock, or out running through the fields, .

All Smart Pets is dedicated to building up the relationship between human and dog, so that each can learn from the other, and can communicate effectively with each other.

All Smart Pets uses positive reinforcement techniques to teach dogs proper manners, and guide their human owners in canine communication. We follow LIMA principles (Least Invasive, Minimally Aversive), as required by the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants. That means we will always choose the least invasive techniques in order to get the best outcomes in behavior change. We are constantly learning new protocols, and consulting with mentors and colleagues in order to improve our results.